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Hinge Certification Stamp

Linac Door Hinges for Radiation Therapy, and the Complete Precision Engineered High Capacity Hinge Product Line

Brookfield Industries, Inc. developed the Heavy Duty, Precision Engineered High Capacity Hinge product line almost 5 decades ago! We now feature this Certification Stamp affixed with our logo on hinges that are exclusively manufactured by us. This assures the customer is purchasing the highest quality standards in the industry, and certifies each hinge will meet our Declaration of Hinge Capacities, and Lifetime Warranty as stated. As a specifications writer, engineer, OEM, or end user, not only will our hinges be manufactured to the highest quality standards (including internal components meeting aerospace specs and tolerances), but also properly engineered, proof tested, and load rated. If your project requires an engineering evaluation for additional loading: such as wind, pressure differential, ultimate, seismic, or blast, we will run the necessary calculations, and recommend the proper hinge size. Upon request, we will provide a detailed stress analysis of all hinge components (internal and external) that can be submitted to government agencies or professional engineers for approval… Don’t risk purchasing an inferior product!

Caution: You may see hinges in the market place that look similar on the exterior and feature the same load ratings as our product line. However, hinges without this Certification Stamphave not been manufactured to our exacting standardsnor are they certified to meet our Declaration of Hinge Capacities, and Lifetime Warranty.