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Heavy Duty Hinges

Hinges with up to 175,000 lbs Weight Capacity

Heavy Duty HingesBrookfield is the leading designer and manufacturer of Heavy Duty Hinges for Doors and Gates. Our high performance hinges are found in thousands of installations worldwide for various applications: radiation, security, architectural, blast resistant, extreme conditions (exterior, wind and seismic). We offer several styles and configurations to meet the specific demands of these and other applications. Our hinges can provide a weight capacity up to 175,000 lbs. All of our heavy duty hinges are crafted with pride in the USA, using domestically sourced materials from trusted suppliers.

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Remember – these hinges can be customized to your specifications.
  • Series I – Non-handed, various mounting styles with capacities up to 2000lbs. For security doors including FEBR, detention grade doors and all purpose heavy duty use.
  • Series W – Full surface mounting with capacities up to 75,000 lbs; handed left/right with vertical adjustment.  For radiation, blast resistant, extreme conditions, and general heavy duty use.
  • Center Pivot Hinge Series CPH – For use on any heavy door or gate that requires center pivot action or a concealed pivot.
  • Series K – Full surface mounting with capacities from 75,000 to 175,000 lbs. Special hinge pin offset provides for added security and swing clear characteristics.
  • Mechanical Lift Hinges – for applications that require the door to raise during opening. Commonly used on acoustical doors.
Standard Heavy Duty Hinge Finish: 600 (USP) – Primed Steel
Optional Finishes:
603 (US2G) – Zinc Clear Steel
626 (US26D) – Satin Chrome Steel
630 (US32D) – Buffed Satin Stainless Steel

Our Heavy Duty Hinges are Guaranteed for Life!

Brookfield proudly stands behind the high quality heavy duty hinges that we produce. Many of our hinges carry lifetime performance guarantee including Series W, Series K, Series CPH, Series i (i8510-i8513) hinges. Hinges that do not meet the performance requirements under normal operating conditions, or have a material or manufacturing defect, will be replaced or reworked. 

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Applications for our Heavy Duty Hinges

Heavy Duty Hinges Our hinges are used in any application requiring a heavy duty high performance hinge including:
  • Architectural Doors & Gates
  • Museums, Amusement Centers
  • Government Buildings
  • Military Facilities
  • Detention Facilities
  • Security Doors
  • Radiation Doors 
  • Vault Doors
  • FEBR Doors
  • And more

Hinge Construction Materials

Our heavy duty hinges are constructed from various metals. The exact material used depends on the required capacity, as determined by the specific application. Series I and Series W are fabricated from 1018 cold rolled steel as standard. Series-W has an option for 304 stainless steel. For extreme requirements demanding up to 175,000 lb. holding capacity, our extra heavy duty hinges are manufactured from A36 plate steel, or similar. When aesthetics or corrosion resistance are of concern, we offer optional finishes for our hinges including zinc clear steel, satin chrome steel and buffed satin stainless steel.