Leading US Manufacturer of
Heavy Duty Hinges & Door Operators

Radiation Test Doors for a Prominent Nuclear Research Laboratory

Brookfield Industries is proud to have supplied some of our top-of-the-line heavy duty hinges and door operators for this renowned facility.

Brookfield was contacted by the engineering firm tasked with designing the doors for coordination and integration of our products into the client’s requirements for controlling the doors. Before the purchase order was issued from the door manufacturer, we had direct correspondence with the facilities’ engineering department to assure compliance.

Although the products were initially standard, several modifications were necessary. Designed as (2) different size doors to open independently, we specified (2) W-300HD hinges per door and (1) NB-2000-HD2-Pull swing operator per door with the corresponding left and right handing:

Large Right Hand Door: approximately 34kips x 121” wide x 204” tall
Small Left Hand Door: approximately 22kips x 81” wide x 204” tall


  • To assure protection from radiation exposure, the more sensitive electronics portion of the operators were housed in a remotely located NEMA 1 enclosure.
  • Reviewed customer integration of activation and safeties with door operators.
  • Door operator PLC modified as maintained contact open and close activation.
  • Door operator PLC and slider block modified for 180-degree maximum opening.
  • W-300HD hinges mounting holes modified per customer request.
  • Assure hinge and operator custom mounting locations function properly.