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Heavy Duty Sliding Door Operators for Industrial Radiation

Space Exploration and Aerospace Quality Control

At Brookfield Industries, we are very proud that our heavy duty sliding door operating systems are a crucial component in the non-destructive testing of materials used for space travel and exploration. Recently, we completed a project for spacecraft company Blue Origin. Previous endeavors included door operators for both SpaceX and Boeing.

Industrial x-ray equipment is used to scan for defects in materials used in the production of rocket ships and commercial or private aircraft in order to assure safety in flights. The high energy levels generated by x-rays require shielded enclosures to contain the radiation. The walls and doors are often constructed of lead bricks or sheets of lead, which is extremely heavy. Brookfield’s sliding door systems can safely move lead or concrete doors weighing over 100,000 pounds!

Our unique Programmable Logic Control (PLC) design provides easy interface between our door operators and the end user’s x-ray equipment, which proves to be advantageous in a high production environment.

We wish to thank these innovative companies for trusting Brookfield for their heavy duty door operator requirements, and we recognize their importance in the development of space travel and exploration.
Also, we want to thank A-fabco from Gibsonton, FL the industrial radiation contractor, for choosing Brookfield Industries.